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Optically Bonded Through Glass Multi-Touch

Taking touch a step forward Black Cat has produced a full HD 22 Inch Optically Bonded Through Glass Multi-Touch display that gives  optimal image clarity and a flush feel to the touch. The unit can be dropped in level with the surface eliminating the need for a custom fascia or special mounting arrangements.

The front is anti-reflective safety glass with a back painted border available in a range of colours, branding and other designs. The size of the screen provides enough space to provide information without the constant need to turn the page to get more and although the screen is multi-touch, it can be used as an enhancement not a necessity.

Once again Black Cat has chosen the screen carefully so that it can be used in portrait or landscape.



NEW Chassis Touch Screens in Portrait

Not all  chassis touch screens work well in portrait. Is that important? Good all round viewing angles and the lack of colour fade are important for the best all round viewing experience whether in landscape or portrait.

Black Cat has many years experience in selecting the correct LCD panels for the job, we manufacture to the highest standards and continue to support our products outside of the warranty period.

Chassis Touch Screens

Optical Bonding Does it work?

The benefits are easy to dismiss until you actually see them. Where glass or a touchscreen is fitted in front of the LCD the air gap affects the optical properties. Optical bonding increases contrast, improves enviromental properties, sunlight readability and image quality. The photo shows one half bonded the other not. Judge for yourself.