July 2014 - Black Cat Displays
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RackMount Chassis Display CRT Replacements

Want to spruce up your touch screen technology and join the interactive evolution?

Replacing old Cathode Ray Tube (C.R.T) units for new ones is not something we get asked to do every day, but when you consider that most C.R.T units have an average life span of 15 to 20 years – there’s an opportunity to give existing units (if you have one) a new lease of life.

At Black Cat Displays we have taken full advantage of this to produce a re-modelled Rack Mount Chassis Display solution with LED Backlit panels to fit in a standard 19 inch rack. Giving what was once an old aged piece of technology a sleek finish. This solution would be installed in Control Room environments to monitor exhibits via CCTV in a museum as well as equally complimenting broadcast and military monitoring applications.

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