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Case Studies

Case- Studies-Victoria and Albert museum

The Challenge

Black Cat Displays were asked to work to a brief from the Architect and fit out company and provide a range of displays with custom glass and touch screens.

Our Solution

Black Cat produced prototypes which formed the basis of discussion and design for the stands.This involved close work with many disciplines to provide a suitable solution. The glass was specified to tight tolerances providing a snug fit, maintaining the zero bezel look.

Case- Studies-Great St Mary's Church

The Challenge

Black Cat Displays were invited to design a kiosk touchscreen display to fit in with the surroundings of Great St Mary’s Church.The church wanted to convey the history using interactive displays that could be moved so portability was an important feature. The kiosks were painted to match the colour the existing scheme to fit in and not stand out.

Our Solution

Black Cat produced a custom touch screen kiosk with a widescreen display suitable for wheelchair access, children and adults alike. The kiosks are on lockable castor and can be turned round or moved for church services or events.

Case- Studies-12.1-Edge2Edge-Thru-Glass

The Challenge

Black Cat Displays were invited to design a tablet style touchscreen display to fit into the Natural History Museum’s custom housing.

Our Solution

Black Cat produced a low maintenance projected capacitive touch screen optically bonded to 4mm back painted safety glass. There are over twenty in the Treasures Gallery in neat stainless steel stands with colour coded lighting.


The Challenge

To replace three separate points of information with one neat solution.

Our Solution

Black Cat designed a unit using 3D models which were presented to West Quay for approval. The end result, a Multi-Functional unit that combined touch screen wayfinding with a traditional talking sign and more traditional leaflet holders for shopping centre guides.


The Challenge

Who-am-I required a mix of displays, some were to replace old ageing monitors and others were

destined for completely new exhibits. Black Cat was tasked to provide touch screens that offer an

excellent viewing experience along with fitting into the many housings on gallery.

Our Solution

Black Cat has supplied over sixty chassis and open Frame Displays to this gallery alone. All displays were built to the Science Museum’s specific

requirements. A mix of high specification panels and designs to suit the architects structures have been provided.


What the Science Museum said:

From Jo Saull New Media Manager

“Black Cat worked closely with us and our designers to provide great products and excellent customer service.”


The Challenge

To prototype, design and install a replacement for the Galleries existing IT units which were prone to overheating and in constant need of support. Black Cat was tasked to provide a low-maintenance, blend-in, moveable solution to meet with the galleries requirement to re-locate the units when exhibitions needed the space.

Our Solution

Black Cat produced a full scale model which upon approval resulted in a solution that met the brief and in just eight weeks delivered and installed a unit that brings technology and furniture together in keeping with the gallery requirement for portability.

What the customer said: 

From Tessa Quinn Head of New Media Services

“The touch screen terminals exceed our high expectations in design, manufacture and  implementation. They have proved easy to maintain for staff, easy to use for visitors and given the IT Gallery software that they host a new lease of life.”