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Digital Signage Displays

Black Cat Display’s newly upgraded range of Digital Signage comes in a variety of sizes, ratios, orientation with features built in to suit any application. All our displays are designed to run 24/7 and unlike LCD’s used in T.V’s the colour does not fade over time. Our USB plug n play digital signage displays come complete with intuitive and easy to use scheduling software as standard, not extra. Networked displays are controlled remotely via an online content management system charged annually per unit at a very competitive price.

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Freestanding Digital Signage:

Our range of HD LCD Freestanding Digital Posters are designed to be a
complete digital signage solution. Thanks to their built in HD media player they
require no additional hardware such as PCs, DVD players, excess cables or
software; you simply plug and play. They also have the exceptional feature of
full HD 1080p video display.


Wall Mount Digital Signage:

The newly updated, slimmer, range of Portrait Digital Posters offer a modern
and stylish method of media display. They are a complete digital signage
solution and thanks to their built in media player they require no additional
hardware such as PCs, DVD players, excess cables or software; you simply plug
and play.


Outdoor Digital Signage:

These dynamic Outdoor Freestanding Digital Posters can be used in any outdoor
conditions. The brand new range of outdoor units are designed with a robust
outer casing to give protection from both the elements and the public.


Slimline Freestanding Signage:

Introducing our new range of Slimline digital signage. The sleek design brings together a combination of aluminium contoured corners with back painted tempered glass resulting in a tablet like appearance.

Complete with a built-in HD media player and scheduling software our digital signage is an out of the box solution, just upload the content and watch the result. The Slimline signage is not limited to standalone and can be upgraded to a network/server based solution with ease.


Network Signage Player:

Our Network Digital Signage Player is a dedicated P.C in a box designed to run LCD, Plasma or Projector. It accepts content in all major video, audio and animation graphic formats. It comes ready with screen layout software and is capable of displaying RSS feeds. Wireless and hard wired connectivity allow full control and the system is built around a solid Linux core for improved reliability and security.