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Digivey Touch Screen Software

Digivey Touch Screen Software puts all the tools at hand to improve decision making. A paperless survey has countless advantages and automates the process producing readable reports with the minimum effort. Digivey Touch Screen Software will run on multiple platforms: Windows offline and online and the new, Android offline and online.



Digivey Composer is the heart of the Digivey Touch Screen  Software. Its incredible versatility makes survey creation a breeze.



Use this super reliable data collection assistant to gather data anywhere,anytime. The ease of  data collection is aided by the Touch Screen.



Share and evaluate your survey data directly from your computer with Digivey Analyzer. The software is able to provide detailed information collected  from the touch screen kiosk or mobile device.


Touch Presenter:

With TouchPresenter you can create fully customised, compelling information kiosk and digital display content that engages and empowers customers and emphasises your message.



Rollapoll unleashes the full power of touch screen surveys on mobile devices.  Take your surveys to the street, mall, events or visitor centres. Rollapoll is designed for android devices making mobile affordable.  Current users of Digivey can take advantage of a pay as you go service.  New users can subscribe and use the mini Digivey suite.