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Feel the Power IP Remote Ready Monitors

Feel the Power – IP Remote Ready Monitors

Black Cat Displays have added remote functionality to our range of chassis monitors. The remote connection allows control of brightness, contrast, on/off and many more.

The monitoring feature uses a web based on-board browser to check on fan speed, internal/external temperature, light sensor and any general purpose input/output (GPIO) device that may be installed.

Just hook the monitor to the local area network and use the app to start. Sample code and detailed manual allow the building of custom apps to suit individual requirement.



Replacement Touch Monitors for Full Flight Simulators

Replacement Touch Monitors for Full Flight Simulators

Black Cat Displays can repair and refurbishment of touch monitors for full flight simulators we can also build new drop in replacement monitors for legacy kit.

If your simulator has Instructor Operating Systems it is likely that Black Cat Displays have built or repaired them at some stage of their operational life.

  • The displays are usually referred to as:
  • Direct Access Panel or D.A.P for short.
  • Instructor Operating System or I.O.S for short.
  • Flat Panel Trainer or F.P.T for short.
  • Front Facing Instructor Operating System or F.F.I.O.S for short
  • Night Vision Enabled Displays or N.V.G for Short.

Black Cat Displays have provided these services for L3 Link, Thales, Boeing and many more, in the process we have gained the knowledge and experience to keep legacy equipment operational.

Lately this has extended worldwide to China, Malaysia, Australia and the UAE.

Here are two examples below:

Replacement Touch Monitors for Full Flight Simulators

Replacement Touch Monitors for Full Flight Simulators

Black Cat Displays at the National Museums of Scotland

Black Cat Displays at the National Museums of Scotland

Over the years Black Cat Displays have been asked to produce many touch screen displays for the National Museums of Scotland some have been completely new designs others have been replacements for displays or key components.

More recently we have developed the following:

  • 55 Inch kiosk to replace a projected interactive.
  • 46 Inch Donation payment totem.
  • 32 Inch Opus kiosk to match the current 15 Inch install.
  • 22 Inch Kiosk to match the current gallery units.
  • 12.1 Inch Widescreen units to be found in many gallery locations.
Black Cat Displays at the National Museums of Scotland

Black Cat Touch Screen Kiosks









Black Cat Displays are able to:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Replicate
  • Refurbish

All the above is done ‘In-house’ by a very experienced team who been suppliers to many of the Museums large and small.

New Range of Large Format Kiosks

New Range of Large Format Kiosks

Black Cat Displays is pleased to add a new range of large format kiosks to its product portfolio. The large format kiosks come in three sizes:
• 43 Inch
• 50 Inch
• 55 Inch

And feature:

• 10 Point Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
• Dual Operating System Android or Windows 10 IOT (licence required)
• Landscape or Portrait on 43 Inch and 50 Inch Models
• 24/7 Operation
• Ultra-Wide Viewing Angles and colour accuracy.
• Rear Connectivity
• Touch Content Management System
• Surface plasma treatment

The kiosks have lockable back covers which allows space for an ultra-small computer or media player of choice giving the flexibility for use as digital signage or standalone use.






A unique feature of the kiosk is the ability for the large tablet style display to turn 90 degrees in portrait without any modification.



Large format kiosk in landscape and portrait

43 Inch and 50 Inch Kiosk in Landscape and Portrait



The large display would suit retail applications such wayfinding, product locator and click and collect, in corporate receptions it work well for guest login, company information or hot desking, in museums wayfinding and event information. With the right software the applications many and varied.


The content management system allows each kiosk to be remotely updated via an easy to use web based interface, all that is required is a broadband connection though LAN/Wi-Fi on the kiosk.


For more information please call Black Cat Displays on 01189 701281.

Off the Shelf Chassis Touch Monitors

Off the Shelf Chassis Touch monitors

Black Cat Displays is proud to introduce a NEW range of off the shelf chassis touch monitors. This range of chassis touch monitors compliments the custom design range already produced by Black Cat Displays.

Available in sizes from 8 inch through to 32 inch with water resistant bezel, pure flat PCAP, closed frame and high brightness the touch monitors are suited to a wide range of applications including:

  • ATM banking terminal
  • POS Solution
  • Industrial Automation
  • Gaming and Casino
  • Point of Information
  • Self  Service
  • Touch screen Kiosks

This off the shelf range of touch monitors are designed to assist ease of  fitting into set-works and kiosks, just cut hole and drop them in, all come with standard mounting brackets, there is also VESA fixing points for wall/Desk/Arm mounting.

off the shelf Chassis Touch Monitors

NEW Range of off the shelf Chassis Touch Monitors




27 Inch Wide Quad High Definition Chassis Mount Touch Monitor

27 Inch Wide Quad High Definition Chassis Mount Touch Monitor

Yet another 27 Inch monitor joins the range of custom touch display available from Black Cat Displays. It is not just any old 27 Inch display; it is a 27 Inch Wide Quad High Definition chassis mount zero bezel PCAP Touch Monitor.

The 2560 x 1440 resolution display supports 1.07 billion colours (10 Bit) has excellent all round 178o viewing angles which makes it ideal for use in landscape or portrait. The Zero bezel multi-touch (10 points) with anti-glare glass provides a silky smooth interface for any application.

A step up from high definition this 2K 1440P gives the extra detail where HD is just not enough.

Black Cat Displays specialises in providing products that are not off the shelf but made to customer requirements. There are plenty of 27 Inch HD panels that are off the shelf just not Wide Quad High Definition, Chassis Mount with 10 point zero bezel projected capacitive touch.

Black Cat Displays design and manufacture from our own factory just outside Reading near London in the UK and pride ourselves on providing on going support for the monitors lifetime and beyond.

Applications for this  chassis mount monitor range from training and simulation, air traffic control to museums, in fact anywhere that needs 2560×1440 wide quad high definition to make their software sparkle.


27 Inch Wide Quad High Definition Chassis Mount Touch Monitor


27 Inch Square Multi-Touch Monitor

Another Square Joins Black Cat Displays

This time it is the form of chassis touch monitor. Black Cat Displays has produced a 27 Inch Square Multi-Touch Monitor with strengthened glass .

The 27 Inch 1920 x 1920 square Multi-Touch Monitor is ideal for high resolution applications in museums and training/simulation.

Black Cat Displays can supply this unit as a closed frame, open frame or zero bezel form.


27 Inch Square Multi-Touch Monitor

Multi-Touch Drivers for MAC OS Touch Screens

Multi-Touch Drivers for MAC OS Touch Screens

Almost any touch monitor will plug n play even on a MAC but will it offer Multi-Touch gestures? Or will it allow for image rotation, Probably No. Multi-Touch capability is possible using a TouchBase driver from Black Cat Displays. The TouchBase driver provides all the gestures you’d expect along with programming features such TUIO and API, a common interface supporting an ever expanding list of touch screen manufacturers allows easy integration and support.

Evaluation drivers are available for testing so you can try before you buy.

Great St Marys Kiosk

Museum Touch Screens Design Build Replace

Museum Touch Screens Design Build Replace.

Black Cat Displays provide Museum Touch Screens to fit new builds or replace existing builds working from architects drawings or service engineers notes we can provide drop in replace units.

Black Cat will also repair ageing Winmate, Winsonic and Elo touch monitors or provide drop in replacements if the repair is not possible. Most interactive touch screens are expected to be in service for 10 years but the reality is that most last around 5 years before a mid-term replacement is needed which  proves difficult as the LCD components often go obsolete. Have no fear Black Cat can in most cases source the original panels and build/replace around.

Museum Touch Screens Flyer

Museum Touch Screens Design Build Replace

Design Build Replace

ipad tree 3 display post

Ipad tree 3 display post

Here at Black Cat Displays we’ve developed a novel approach to easy access for all in the form of an ipad tree 3. The post was designed for a brand new visitor centre on the edge of Houghton Hall Park. Black Cat Displays have also created two wall mount displays powered by Mac Mini’s on Houghton Hall Park’s feature wall. The applications provide information on the wildlife and surroundings, credit goes to Cipher Arts for excellent interactive software.

iPad Tree 3 flyer

ipad tree 3