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27 Inch Square Multi-Touch Monitor

Another Square Joins Black Cat Displays

This time it is the form of chassis touch monitor. Black Cat Displays has produced a 27 Inch Square Multi-Touch Monitor with strengthened glass .

The 27 Inch 1920 x 1920 square Multi-Touch Monitor is ideal for high resolution applications in museums and training/simulation.

Black Cat Displays can supply this unit as a closed frame, open frame or zero bezel form.


27 Inch Square Multi-Touch Monitor

Multi-Touch Drivers for MAC OS Touch Screens

Multi-Touch Drivers for MAC OS Touch Screens

Almost any touch monitor will plug n play even on a MAC but will it offer Multi-Touch gestures? Or will it allow for image rotation, Probably No. Multi-Touch capability is possible using a TouchBase driver from Black Cat Displays. The TouchBase driver provides all the gestures you’d expect along with programming features such TUIO and API, a common interface supporting an ever expanding list of touch screen manufacturers allows easy integration and support.

Evaluation drivers are available for testing so you can try before you buy.

Great St Marys Kiosk

Museum Touch Screens Design Build Replace

Museum Touch Screens Design Build Replace.

Black Cat Displays provide Museum Touch Screens to fit new builds or replace existing builds working from architects drawings or service engineers notes we can provide drop in replace units.

Black Cat will also repair ageing Winmate, Winsonic and Elo touch monitors or provide drop in replacements if the repair is not possible. Most interactive touch screens are expected to be in service for 10 years but the reality is that most last around 5 years before a mid-term replacement is needed which  proves difficult as the LCD components often go obsolete. Have no fear Black Cat can in most cases source the original panels and build/replace around.

Museum Touch Screens Flyer

Museum Touch Screens Design Build Replace

Design Build Replace

ipad tree 3 display post

Ipad tree 3 display post

Here at Black Cat Displays we’ve developed a novel approach to easy access for all in the form of an ipad tree 3. The post was designed for a brand new visitor centre on the edge of Houghton Hall Park. Black Cat Displays have also created two wall mount displays powered by Mac Mini’s on Houghton Hall Park’s feature wall. The applications provide information on the wildlife and surroundings, credit goes to Cipher Arts for excellent interactive software.

iPad Tree 3 flyer

ipad tree 3

Contactless Donation Payment Kiosk

Contactless Donation Payment Kiosk

Here at Black Cat Displays we’ve stepped into the world of contactless payment’s creating kiosks that accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and contactless transactions. The functionality which has been implemented for the National Museum of Scotland is fully flexible and be adapted to anyone’s requirements.

42 Inches of screen have helped create attention and direct the public, as well as provide an easy to use method to donate.

Please read more on how this has been implemented on the National Museum of Scotland’s blog………

Interested!!! please call us to discuss.

Contactless Donation Kiosk Flyer

Contactless Donation Payment Kiosk

Zero Bezel All in One Computers

Zero Bezel All in One Computers

Black Cat Displays introduces a full range of Zero bezel  all in one computers. These stylish i-pad like screens come with projected capacitive touch screens and dual operating systems, choose between Android or Windows. The all in one computer is capable of of running full HD video and can be linked to a fully featured content management system for remote updating.

Available in screen sizes from 22-55 inch with 10 point multi-touch and the ability to drive external devices make for a truly flexible addition to any set up.


Zero Bezel All in One

Replacement for obsolete displays

Many of our customers have the need to replace displays that are five and sometimes over ten years old. Now, any display that has lasted that long has done well so why not just buy the latest tech and drop it in place, well the problem arises where the display needs to fit the exact requirement of the one it is replacing usually the actual external size and mounting points need to be reproduced along with the same display size and resolution. The aim “to provide a drop in solution and extend the life of the installation”


Black Cat Displays has provided many solutions to the problem one such is shown above which is an aircraft simulator display to replace the current Driven 21.3 2048 x 1536 unit .The unit has designed to  drop in next to existing kit with the minimum of fuss. The display components are current and meet with today’s standards.



Touch Screen Kiosks in Church

Our aim is provide a solution to meet our customers needs and we can demonstrate this in the solution provided to Great St Mary’s Church in Cambridge. The church asked us to design a interactive touch screen kiosk to fit and match their surroundings and provide information to large number of visitors. Cipher Arts designed an application to relay the history of the church. The kiosk’s are attracting more people into the church and already proving popular.

Church touch Screen


Aircraft Simulator Displays

Aircraft simulator displays designed from a specification to fit cockpit configurations. Just one of the many custom and bespoke designs that Black Cat Displays have produced. Aircraft simulator  displays are used in ground based and full flight simulators to represent the aircraft instrumentation with computer graphics giving the look and feel of the real thing without the cost.

Repeater Display


RackMount Chassis Display CRT Replacements

Want to spruce up your touch screen technology and join the interactive evolution?

Replacing old Cathode Ray Tube (C.R.T) units for new ones is not something we get asked to do every day, but when you consider that most C.R.T units have an average life span of 15 to 20 years – there’s an opportunity to give existing units (if you have one) a new lease of life.

At Black Cat Displays we have taken full advantage of this to produce a re-modelled Rack Mount Chassis Display solution with LED Backlit panels to fit in a standard 19 inch rack. Giving what was once an old aged piece of technology a sleek finish. This solution would be installed in Control Room environments to monitor exhibits via CCTV in a museum as well as equally complimenting broadcast and military monitoring applications.

Black Cat Displays provide bespoke solutions, no matter how big or small a job, so to discuss new or existing installations give us call on +44 (0)1256 889400.