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Touch Screen Kiosks Software

Touch Screen Kiosks Software

Touch screen kiosk software is as important as the kiosk itself in fact without good software it would be dumb. Almost all software is customised the information or object it conveys.

As the Internet-of-Things (I.O.T) expands so does the need for software to evolve, especially in ever changing shopping malls or museums. This is where content management software become useful keeping information up to date and current. Any kiosk can be adapted to do this without a whole lot of power.

Take a look at our NEW large screen kiosks in the tabs below.

Touch screen kiosks have also been installed in a number of other locations  such as  The Science Museum, Laing Art Gallery, Royal College of Surgeons Museum, West Quay, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Severn Trent Water.

Black Cat Displays have years of experience in designing kiosk software and the ability to add custom options such as keyboard, trackball, phone, headphones, rim lighting and custom colours to name but a few.

Large PCAP Touch screen Kiosk

Large Screen PCAP Kiosks:

Our NEW 43 Inch, 50 Inch and 55 Inch large screen kiosks are universally suited to public and corporate locations. We use commercial grade components built to work 24/7  backed by a three year warranty. A unique feature of the new kiosks is the ability to work in landscape or portrait (43 Inch & 50 Inch) this adds a new dimension of flexibility.

Opus Touch screen Kiosk

Touch screen kiosks in hotels and accomodation Services:

We designed and installed our kiosk software for financial services by Price Waterhouse Coopers as a Self-Service Hot Desking concierge terminal. Easily check in, find your way around the hotel to your room or look up popular restaurants and places to visit nearby, our bespoke design makes the touch screens do exactly what you need it to do.

ipoint touch screen Kiosk

Touch screen kiosk in Retail:

Our touch screen kiosks have been installed at West Quay Shopping Centre for over ten years. Ideal for an information point and so you can find out where all the popular stores are and plan your shopping route! It can be even used  as a job-finding point.

Tourist Info touch screen Kiosk

Touch screen kiosks in Tourist Information Centres:

Our kiosks have been installed in tourist information centres at Carsington Severn Trent Water and Dartmoor National Park.

Whether you’re a frequent visitor or a first-time visitor, you can find out information about the sites and learn interesting facts about the history of the places you’re visiting. Our interactive system is perfect for education and great for all ages.

Touch screen kiosk

Touch screen kiosks in Museums:

Our kiosks have found their way in to many museums in London and throughout the UK.

If you have never been before and need some assistance to get around, our wayfinding software is the perfect thing to help you get to your favourite exhibits! Once you find your way there, all of the exhibit information is displayed, like your very own tour guide!

We have also been asked to design and install our touch screen kiosk software for event promotion and many other functions, so if you’re looking for something more bespoke, we can help.